You’re Telling me I’m 50 Pounds Lighter Now?

Jaynie Levinson
Jaynie Levinson

Talk about people walking around with a lot of “personal baggage”; I have a bittersweet feeling parting with my 50-pound best friend. It’s almost time to retire my suitcase. Despite a few shaky wheels, a broken handle, and a slight rip, we made it across the country together. That oversized navy bag only lost itself once, throughout my entire year…it always knew I couldn’t live without it, we were best friends connected at the hip!
We were very much the same…

Sometimes I would go on chapter visits and eat my heart away, and my pants might have been a little snug. Unfortunately for the bag, it suffered a similar feeling when I was craving a shopping spree. The women working the front desk at the airport would give me this look, but let me slide with 52 pounds…we all feel a little overweight sometimes, so I totally understand. Luckily, I’m not pressured to get on a scale twice a week!

We were practically BFFs. You think I’m crazy talking about my bag as my friend, but that bag held my entire LIFE for a year!

‘Big Blue’ held my bathing suit so I could go to the beaches of California. It held my thickest sweaters for the snowiest of winters in Oregon, and it even made it to the Vegas!

That bag carried letters, notes and gifts I received from my wonderful sisters. The comfy clothes to get into after a long day. The pictures of my family, friends and boyfriend when I got homesick. That bag carried the magic cure for all my emotions since day one.
I have to say, I’m extremely blessed to have had such an amazing friend for the past few months. It’s the only other thing besides myself that got to experience and see all the wonderful places and people that I did.

Hopefully it’s not goodbye forever, but see you later 50 pounder! Hopefully we will travel the world together one day…

Until next time,
Love always
Jaynie and ‘Big Blue’

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