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Many people can’t wait for the day that the can move away from home. They think the state they are from is boring and count down the days to be able to move somewhere different. That is until it actually happens. Shockingly I have never really wanted to move away from Oklahoma, I have always loved it, but moving away only helped me to realize that more. Over the past year and a half I have grown to realize and tell all my friends, you always want to leave until you actually do. Then you are counting down the days you get to be home.

After a year and a half of being away from Oklahoma, I have learned why I love it so much and I am officially counting down the days until I get to be back in the promise land for good. I love my state and here are a few reasons why:

My Family:


img_3589 img_2825  img_2972

I alway knew I had a close family, but didn’t really understand the extent until I left. I always took for granted the fact that almost my entire family lives within 30 miles of each other. We get together for every holiday, and every birthday, and as you can see by the amount of us, is a lot of family gatherings. I was once asked by a friend if everyone in Oklahoma was so close to their family. I replied no, but they sure are the main reason I love Oklahoma so much.


My Friends:img_3053

As much fun as it is making new friends, nothing beats those lifetime friends that have been around since day one. When I’m home I know that each and every one of these people would be there for me at the drop of a hat. Who would want to leave friends like that? Plus, experiencing new places just isn’t as fun without your friends by your side.

fullsizerender-2 img_5336img_3743

The Lake:


Anyone from Oklahoma knows that the lake life is second nature. I have always grown up living my summers at the lake. I always grew up wishing I could be at the ocean, but after living by the ocean, as nice as it may have been, I have to say nothing quite beats a day on the lake.

                       img_4003 fullsizerender


The Football:


In Oklahoma, football is basically a religious experience. I have grown up my whole life having season tickets to OU football games. I was born and bred a Sooner, and I have to say, no other football games compare. BOOMER.

img_7260 img_5807                                                      img_5806 img_2679

The Food:


Now anyone in Oklahoma may call me crazy for choosing to highlight these two restaurants… but everytime I leave I find myself craving them! The top picture is one of my newly acquired favorites. Behold the beauty of Whataburger. I never really thought much of it, until I moved to South Carolina and wasn’t about to eat it. Now everytime I arrive in Oklahoma hungry my parents and I make a stop to get Whataburger. The bottom picture is the joy that is Braums. If you’ve never heard of Braums… well clearly you aren’t from Oklahoma. It is an ice cream and burger shop that you only find in Oklahoma, and let me tell you, no other ice cream compares.



Now there are plenty more things that make me love Oklahoma, but these are the immediate ones that always come to my mind when I am missing home! So take it from someone who has spent too long away from home… Never take home for granted (wherever that may be) because one day you’ll find yourself missing all the little things that made you love it so much.


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