Puppy of the Month: Winter Break Blues

Happy December! Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Puppy of the Month. I hope that all of you get to be with your (or a friend’s) dog this holiday season, but just in case:

December Puppy of the Month: Bruce

Talk about a fluffy doggo. Bruce is a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix – also found on the internet as a Shorkie, Shorkie Tzu, or Shorkie-Zu. He enjoys short walks on the beach, watching the Kardashians on TV, and dancing at his friends’ weddings (confirmed story). He lives in Florida, which means he can’t keep this look for very long. Here’s Bruce with his tropical hairstyle:

Much better for the Sunshine State. No matter what part of the country you’re from, winter still exists with varying temperatures. The college students we work with get a break from school – a much-anticipated leave from homework, classes, and finals. But something I always noticed back in my day when I was on these breaks was that it starts to get a little lonely when you’re not constantly surrounded by everyone.

In the words of Stranger Things season 2 – shared trauma. As a student, sometimes you’re sitting around during the winter break trying to entertain yourself like Bruce here:

A fun fact about Bruce is that he is actually LC Jill’s dog-nephew. LCs get to spend a lot of time together over the summer while we learn about all things leadership development and Sigma Kappa, so it makes sense that we are all pretty good pals!¬†However, we don’t get to see each other very often – similar to most students on winter break. We try to get creative with staying in touch with each other – Facetime is always a favorite, as Bruce and Jill demonstrate:

Jill is a traveling LC, which means she goes somewhere new every five days – making #NoStandstillForJill pretty hard to keep track of. Bruce is also essentially a traveling LC, as he has gone from New York to Florida in the car more than once (sticking his head out the window, under-bite and all, of course).

So what are some tips for keeping up with friends who are constantly on the go around the country? First off, beware of time zones. The first time I tried to call another LC after training, I was an hour early and we were both confused. Similar to how I feel about this picture of Bruce:

Second off, make a commitment. Setting up a regular time to talk makes life much easier – and will ensure you don’t make the time zone mistake. Some LCs often take their downtime in airports to call their friends and family. Others try to reach out to someone new every week or so. No matter the approach, everyone tries to map out time that they can consistently dedicate to keeping in touch.

Third, keep it fun! Staying in touch doesn’t always mean a phone call or FaceTime – it can be sending a funny picture on Snapchat or tagging someone in a Facebook post that reminds you of them – like this one I want to tag all of my friends in. What matters is that people know you are thinking about them, and you maintain contact in some way.

And with that:


‘Tis the season.


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