Why it’s Good to Leave a Place you Love

Britney Smith - Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University
Britney Smith – Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University

Wherever you are, I hope you love it. I hope the people that fill it are inspiring & the memories made in it are exhilarating. I hope you’re confident that who you are when you’re in it, is who you were meant to be. I also hope you know that leaving a place you love, is good.

As the school year comes to a close, “leaving” is probably getting real. Maybe you’re leaving your college until next fall & returning home for the summer. Maybe you’re leaving your college for good, leaving home for good, & embracing a brand new job, city, & adventure. Wherever you are, whatever you’re about to leave, let’s all agree…leaving is tough. For a few months, for a lifetime, it doesn’t matter. Luckily, though, I’ve seen that leaving a great place is a good & healthy thing for all of us.

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For those of you moving on, I can relate. I have to leave the perfect city of Charleston, SC in just a few short weeks. I feel a staggering amount of sadness surrounding my nearing departure. The reality that it’s time to move on from a place I love has left me with the privilege (& pressure) to appreciate every last thing….every amazing sunset, every blue skied 70 degree day in March, every sweet moment spent with friends, & all the amazing Charleston eats.

Charleston has truly earned itself the place in my heart as “my favorite city” & I’m not all that excited about moving back to western PA. But I get to leave this pocket of perfection with dozens of great memories, some new friends & a new appreciation for self exploration & living in a new place alone. I have to leave, but I’m thankful that I even got to arrive in the first place. 

I think it’s important that we all live in some cities we love & some places that just will never be our favorite. It’s an authentic way to expand our experience & interaction within this world. It stretches us & makes us undoubtedly appreciate the places we so deeply connect with. It makes us cherish our time in the great places.

So whether you’re leaving your hometown, your college town, or your favorite city— soak up all you can. There’s an immeasurable amount you’re missing & there’s nothing like the knowledge of an end to spark a revival in you. When you’re nearing the last page, turn it with excitement for the new places & people & with appreciation for the completion of one of the stories that has made your life a little happier.

Here’s the best part about leaving….you can always come back.

I hope all of your hard goodbyes are worth all your new hellos. Go with a happy heart. Happy summer! See ya next fall!



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