Why I Love February

February is known to some as the month of love. You know the flowers, the candy, the dates with your significant other? To be completely honest, the reasons I love February have nothing to do with any of those things. It’s not because its the shortest month of the year or because of Valentine’s Day since as LC Katie would say, “I’m single as a Pringle”. I love February because it is Black History Month! It is a month to celebrate and recognize the contributions black Americans have made to this country. So I decided to take this opportunity to tell you about 10 things, people and moments I love related to black history and culture in no particular order.

1.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

2. Braids! Individuals, cornrows, latch hook braids 

3. Rosa Parks standing up for what she believed in by staying seated on that bus in 1955

4. Soul Food 

5. Hearing Alicia Garza speak at USF. In case you’re wondering she is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

6. Maya Angelou, poet, writer, actress, civil rights activist

7. Hip-hop music

8. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

9. B-E-Y-O-N-C-E

10.Our 44th president, Barack Obama and his beautiful family

Time to Jet,



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