What your Starbucks order says about you

Any leadership consultant will tell you that this job requires you to hang out in coffee shops for extended periods of time. Because we don’t have an office in the traditional sense, we have to get creative with our “desk” space (and as a result, usually become very friendly with baristas). As a new chapter consultant, I spend even more time in Starbucks than the average consultant because I am constantly having coffee dates with students and staff. To give you an idea of how much time I spend with the Green Siren–most of my clothes and my work bag smell like Starbucks coffee.

Through my frequent patronage of Starbucks and the hundreds–literally, hundreds–of coffee dates I’ve had this semester, I’ve observed some interesting patterns with people’s Starbucks orders. As a result, I have developed a theory that I can tell a lot about someone through their coffee order. Such a small and simple thing can give me deep insight into someone’s personality. (And if there’s one thing I know for sure about leadership consultants…the only thing we love more than Starbucks is personality tests!).

For example…

If you order black drip coffee: You crave order and simplicity in your life. You are a straightforward and responsible human. You probably are one of those people who already finished their taxes, have gotten their return already, and put their entire return in to your 401k. You are kind of boring, but in a good way.

If you order a venti Frappucino with extra whip cream and extra extra caramel syrup: You go all out with all aspects of life, and are not afraid to have the spotlight on you. You fully subscribe to the “Treat Yo’ Self” ideology. Calories do not matter to you.


If you order a really complicated drink with several modifications: You are high maintenance, but definitely think you aren’t. (“OMG, I’m so down to earth, guys.”) As long as you are not the kind of person who makes their barista cry when they get your drink wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being high maintenance though. (I am very much high maintenance, for the record.)


If you order a drink with soy milk: You either have an intolerance to dairy or you just like to seem chic and health-conscious with your lactose-free beverages. You also enjoy Free People, hiking, and hanging out in those hammock things that you hang on a tree.


If you order an iced tea: You must lead a pretty relaxed life to not need regular hits of coffee in your life. If your regular drink of choice is an iced tea, you are a laid back cool cat. I wonder what that’s like…


If you order decaf anything: I don’t really understand you.


What do you think your coffee order says about you? 


Until next time friends,





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