What Working for a National Sorority is Actually Like

Working for a national sorority is inspiring.

A huge part of my job, which has also come to be my favorite part, is empowering the women I work with. It is an honor to sit beside intelligent women, strong leaders, creative geniuses, & innovative humans because I get to tell them how smart, funny, & just all around great they are. A huge part of being an LC is boosting others up, not because we have too, but because our members deserve it. Our leaders don’t get enough credit. Their endless work is rarely recognized & their peers don’t always thank them. I remember being the collegian, sitting beside the LC, & being extremely grateful for her kind words of congratulations or appreciation. I hope I can help today’s leaders feel good about themselves & their efforts. I’ve seen that the most amazing part of this job is that in the process of lifting others up, I feel a sense of inspiration.

Working for a national sorority is fulfilling.

For me, having my hand in a lot of baskets makes me happy. This job consists of a little of everything: administration, running conference calls, one-on-one conversations, meetings with professionals, building relationships, traveling, & working independently. I could go on and on. A mixture of these things fill my bucket; I am fulfilled when I finish my work for the day.

Working for a national sorority introduced me to my best friends.

One of best parts of this job is meeting people from every corner of the country. I can truly say that in April I will be walking away from this job with some of my best friends. I was expecting a cool job, maybe a fun office atmosphere; it is nothing like I imagined. The women who have made up my LC teams probably know more about me than I do. They know my quirks, they can determine when I need to be left alone, they can tell when I need someone to listen to me, & they know the questions to ask or the things to say to make me feel better. We spend so much time together, literally eating, working, & sleeping. So much so, that we get to know everything about one another. It is really a unique thing about being a LC & it’s something I’ll always treasure.

Working for a national sorority is challenging.

Think for a minute about that feeling you get when you’re outside of your comfort zone. That is what being an LC is like a lot of days. BUT you learn to love it. Very few jobs allow you the opportunity to sign a contract without knowing where in the country you’ll be living or traveling. Living in two new cities in unfamiliar states in the past 18 months has been everything but comfortable & easy but wow, I am so blessed to be afforded an opportunity to live in two completely unique parts of the country, alone, before I ever turned 23. I think how a person adapts to unfamiliar situations, forms to their community, & interacts with their reality says a lot about them. LC life has opened my eyes to embracing challenge, has encouraged me to find comfort in being uncomfortable, & has allowed me to enjoy brand new situations & handle them with grace.

Working for a national sorority is life-changing. 

I have learned about myself. I have learned to be a better friend, a mentor. I have learned emotions are important & it is okay to be vulnerable. I have learned there are many different types of friendship. I have learned that traveling is important & being independent is the best gift to give yourself. Most importantly, I have learned that empowering women is a wonderful thing to put into the universe & there can never be enough of it. 

Lastly, working for a national sorority is exhausting , but yes, it is SO very worth it.



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