What is Your Aesthetic

Hello again readers!

It’s time to talk about the latest trends, your social media brand, and your overall aesthetic. First, what does aesthetic even mean?

aes·thet·ic (noun): a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

You’ve heard people joke about it, show you their Instagram feeds and say they’re building their “theme”, or maybe even notice people that always wear the same kind of fashion style. That’s all a part of their aesthetic! If you have ever wondered how you could build your own aesthetic, take some tips from me on how I built mine.

My color scheme

First, start with what colors you’d like to associate with who you are! I have no shame in admitting that I wear an abundant amount of black, gray, and just about any shade in between. Alright, maybe I throw in a bit of white, maroon, and olive green. The point is that from my room color to my Instagram edits, I try to keep everything about my style within this color scheme. This is not to say that I only own things within those colors (that would be difficult, I think!), but it’s safe to say that if you ask most people I know they will tell you that they’d definitely associate those colors to who I am. So think of your favorite colors and how they mix well, and try to develop them as a part of your fashion style or brand! Easy way to see what colors go well together is by playing with paint swatches.

My fashion style

Like I said, I tend to wear only solid dark colors. If I’m not wearing an all-black dress, I’ll combine different hues with my outfit pieces. Other fashion pieces I like to incorporate into my style are graphic tees to pair with black jeans, my Alex & Ani bracelets (I have quite the collection), and can’t forget the trendy chocker necklaces. To build your fashion style, a fun way to get some inspiration is using Pinterest! Make a board full of clothes that you like and then go to some stores to try out similar pieces. A big part of this is to find what you really like to wear and feel most confident in! Don’t get caught up in what’s trendy right now, because if you don’t feel your best in it than it’s not really your brand. Next, take a look at your closet. I pushed myself to clean out my closet and get rid of things I haven’t worn in forever/did not really fit with the aesthetic I was trying to build. Best of all, I was surprised by the pieces that I had that I could dress up or down to fit my style.

My Instagram (@lifeasbinx)

Alright, now for the part of the post that you all were probably wanting to read and get to: how I edit my Instagram pictures. My Instagram feed is a little all over the place, but that’s mostly because I’m so indecisive! Lately, I’ve stuck to a look that I really like that fits my color scheme and pictures that I like to post. I found that as much as I tried to take certain pictures just so it would fit my theme, my social media became less like “me”. Most of my pictures now are white, black and have hints of red. I’ve been slowly moving towards general low-saturated pictures with white and black because it’s more “realistic” considering the pictures I like to take. I use VSCO a lot (C1) and just lower the saturation, then Facetune to whiten the image. Snug is an app that pretty much shows me how my Instagram feed will look like before posting. The biggest takeaway I would want for you is to really think about what you love to post, edit it with a color scheme that fits the brand you’re trying to build, and go for it! In the end, it’s your Instagram and you can change it up whenever you get bored. So play around with it, ’cause it’s all about you!


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