Vitality of Volunteering


One of the most important things collegians hear in their time as a Sigma Kappa is “It’s not four years, it’s for life.” This is especially true for a staff member of Sigma Kappa such as myself – but what happens after my contract as a leadership consultant ends? What about the women who graduate college and may not join an alumnae chapter right away? Here’s the answer: they should volunteer!

I recently had the opportunity to work with a chapter that had so much passion for Sigma Kappa. This specific chapter had gone through some rough patches, but the members were all working diligently as a sisterhood to overcome everything and get back on the right track. I could tell that each woman I talked to wanted to make the chapter the best it could be. They were working to make it the best by doing all they knew to do. This and me realize that there are so many chapters out there that have the potential to be amazing and it truly inspired me to look at becoming a volunteer right after my time as a leadership consultant so I can use my knowledge and training to help chapters like these. All they need is a little time, love, and, support from women just like you to make sure they are on the right track and have the right ideas.

Some women might be scared to volunteer because of the time commitment. Maybe it’s the process of becoming a volunteer or maybe it’s because they aren’t sure what options there are for volunteering. All of this can be found on the members-only side of the Sigma Kappa website under the volunteer tab in the ‘edit profile’ section of your homepage. You have the opportunity to tell Sigma Kappa what role you are willing to serve in as well as what you have experience and interest in. Personally, I would love to see myself in a collegiate chapter management, mentoring, or risk management role. But these are just a few of the many options. So there is certainly a role, big or small, that you would feel comfortable in.

Another part of the volunteer process I find interesting is that volunteering can be done on a local, district/regional, or national level. I would love to work with a local chapter if there is one in the area that I end up in and then move up to a district level as I get some experience under my belt.

Like many others, I was scared of the thought of becoming a volunteer at such a young age. What could I possibly give the chapter? How could I be helpful? After spending time with that inspiring chapter, I feel like having young volunteers is so helpful because they are relatable and understanding of current college situations and campus culture. I’m sure there is a volunteer role for just about anyone, and I highly encourage you to tell Sigma Kappa what you might find interesting and see if there might be something for you.

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