Visualizing the Future

What’s next?

This question constantly floods my mind as my leadership consultant journey is coming to a close.  I find myself thinking about my future job and where that will be. Until recently, I couldn’t quite picture what life had in store for me next. But at mid-year training, the LCs heard a program from Mike Schmeckebier, a business professor from Indiana University, and I was given clarity. Mike did a visualizing activity with us where we simply closed our eyes and pictured our answers to his guiding questions.

And I want you to give the same activity a try!  First, find a partner. Next, one person close their eyes while the other asks the guided questions. And remember to visualize your answers to the questions below. Now go!

  • What do you want? Do you picture a career move? A new job? A new school for higher education?
  • Where is next for you? Do you picture a city? The coast? A college town? A small town?
  • How do you get there? Do you picture getting in a car and commuting every day? Walking/biking to your location? Taking public transportation, like the subway?
  • What is the atmosphere like? What type of building do you arrive at? Are you sitting at a computer all day? Are you constantly traveling through an airport? Are you driving around to meet with new people? Are you working from home? Is it fast paced? Is it slow paced?
  • What are you doing at work? Are you tackling a project on your own? Are you with a team and collaborating together? Are you meeting new people and clients? Are you making phone calls? Are you typing away on your laptop? Is your work fulfilling? Is it easy? Is it challenging?
  • What do you do after work? Do you go straight home and binge watch netflix? Do you go meet friends out for happy hour? Do you host a game night with colleagues? Do you pretend to be a tourist and go to the nearest attraction?
  • What does home look like? Are you arriving to a house in the suburb? An apartment building? A trendy loft downtown? Do you have a roommate? A pet that greats you at the door? Do you call this place home? Or is it temporary?

Now open your eyes! Reflect on your answers. Do you have clarity? Confusion? Whatever your reaction, take the momentum and do something with it that will better your future. So you can finally start to answer the question…

What’s next?

Dove Love,



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