‘Twas the Night Before Bid Day

As many of us know, bid day is the holiday season in the sorority world. Watching new members run into the house after ear-deafening screams, tears and slightly off chanting of “S-I-G-M-A-K-A-P-P-A.” But with all of this chaos, there is someone in the back of the room refilling chip bowls, snapping pictures, and wearing a huge smile. This person is me.

So far I have participated in about 12+ recruitments which means 12+ bid days. I would like to say that there are whispers across the country of the of the famous leadership consultant who can sing “All the Sigma Kappas” (a spin-off to Beyonce’s chart-topping hit “All the Single Ladies”), has 200-plus support emails to Keith G. at Bidlily, and still finds glitter in her clothes at least twice a day. But I’m sure all that is in my head. Regardless, I have had a unique experience watching bid days from this side of the sisterhood.

So much so that I thought, “Let’s do a poetic blog post about it with GIFs.” So sit back and enjoy…


‘Twas the night before bid day and all through the house

women were screaming “I don’t like that tulle, take it down!”

The name tags were made all attached to the bags,

In hopes that JeanAnn, Emma, and Madison would soon be there.

The PNMs were settled all snug in their beds

While dreams of sisterhood and formals danced in their heads,

With me in my sweatpants and a giant cup of tea

Just settled down for the madness with the VPNME…

At 10 a.m. there rose such a clatter,

The Chick-fil-A man arrived with the nugget platters.

Away down the stairs I flew like a flash,

Knowing today is comparable to a 100-yard dash.

With a little bit of glitter, so sparkly and gold,

I knew right away this makes me feel kinda old.

More rapid than a river the new members ran over the hill

They cheered and cried, it was a rush and a thrill.

“Welcome Kendall, Lauren, Shelby and Jill”

Hi Jenna, Hi Mary, Hi Emily and Elisabeth!

The nerves are finally gone, and deep down you know,

They are the very best new members, so welcome home!


Congratulations to all the new members who just went through spring recruitment! We cannot wait to meet you all!


Lots of Love,


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