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Often, I am asked about the best part of being an LC. Is it the chapter visits and the women I meet along the way? Of course. Is it the incredible food I eat at each stop, trying something new and local as often as possible? You bet. But the best part of being an LC is the personal growth throughout this journey. One of the areas I have been exploring more and more each visit has been trust. There are three forms of trust I have been steadily developing on each visit I make, all leading me to a fuller sense of confidence, sense of self, and understanding of Sigma Kappa.

Trusting myself

In my role as an LC, I often come face-to-face with unique challenges; questions about recruitment, or finances, or what policy is best to help manage appropriate social media. While I know my training has prepared me to address these and a host of other issues, I must also trust in myself that I am able to give chapters the best possible answer. It is not always easy to trust myself, especially when I compare myself to others, or consider that my advice will not be heeded. Though I know that trusting myself is the best way that I can help a chapter learn to trust themselves too, and move forward with full confidence.

Trusting others

As someone who loves to hop in the car and drive themselves around, either to Target, the grocery store, or just down the freeway, not having that freedom can be frustrating at times. I am fully reliant on other people, sisters and otherwise, in this role as a traveler to shuttle me to and from my various destinations and to meet with me all the time. As such, I rarely have much say in the circumstances of my visits, as I must instead place my trust in others to meet my needs, speaking up for myself on those occasions where needed. Learning to let others take the lead in this way and give up control of many circumstances can be challenging for someone who loves to have a say in everything. This year has really challenged me to turn over my trust to others and believe that I will be cared for, even if it requires some additional prompting on my behalf from time to time.

Trusting circumstances out of my control

When I board a plane, I trust that the pilot will do his best to get me to my destination safely; after all, it is his job. I have also gotten a little bit better in trusting circumstances out of my control each time I take my seat and place the beltĀ into the buckle. I know full well there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent there being turbulence, delays, technical issues or anything else on that flight. So I don’t worry about it. If we get there with no issues, excellent. If there is a 30-minute delay which makes my layover really short? Also fine. Because I trust that whatever happens, I will be able to handle it. Sometimes the weather on my visit is unexpected, or I still haven’t found a free washing machine to clean my clothes, but regardless, I carry on, trusting that I will find a solution eventually.

It can be challenging to trust in Sigma Kappa at times. Maybe you haven’t received an email response from an advisor and felt as though your position has momentarily been forgotten. Maybe you see other chapters succeeding in areas you know your chapter has also done well in, but your report wasn’t submitted in time to be considered for recognition. And maybe you come from a chapter where your experience is less than ideal, and it feels as though everyone else is having fun except you.

I am here to tell you, after seeing the Sigma Kappa experiences at more than 20 of our chapters, from those over 200 members, down to less than 20, from East Coast to West, whether you are the chapter president, or the historian: TRUST in Sigma Kappa. Each of our stories is different, each experience unique, but all are tied together by the unbelievably real bond of Sigma Kappa and sisterhood. You may not see it now, or maybe you see it so clearly, but your Sigma Kappa experience is so much larger than a sisterhood retreat where you feel you know no one, or a Founders’ Day where you know them all. It is so much bigger than the women you see each week in chapterĀ meeting, or the people who participate in your annual Ultra Violet event. Sigma Kappa goes much further than crossing the stage at graduation and goes much deeper than the four years you spent eating popcorn on the floor of the chapter room. Sigma Kappa is an incredible experience, and if you can learn to trust yourself, trust your sisters, and trust Sigma Kappa, you can truly begin to appreciate it for all it is worth.

Yours in Exploration,


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