This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Gabby Della Pesca
Gabby Della Pesca

I have a confession to make: something really awesome happened to me the other day and I didn’t take advantage of it because I was afraid of social awkwardness… how lame of me! I say this because I think a lot of us have had moments like this when a little bit of bravery could have turned a cool moment into a special memory. Here’s what happened:

I was sitting on a plane (shocker!) on my way to our Kappa Omega chapter and had pulled out my book (again, shocker!) to start reading. Taking my cue, the man sitting next to me pulled out his Kindle and began reading (scrolling?) too. We sat there in mutual book nerd harmony for the majority of the flight until curiosity got the better of me and I glanced over to see what he was reading. (Here’s another confession about me—I can be super nosy when it comes to books!) To my absolute amazement, I realized that not only was he reading the same book, but that we were on the same page!!! I kid you not, I got chills when I saw it.

So there I was with this amazing opportunity to say “Hi” to my book soul mate and I PASSED IT UP because I was afraid he would think I was creepy. What was I thinking?! Now I’ll always wonder if I should have said something and then we would have both laughed and he would have been like, “Wow, you’re so smart and you have great taste in books and what do you know, I’m actually a professor of literature at Harvard and there’s a position opening up on staff and here’s my number and let me know if you ever need a job.” And then we would have giggled and he would have helped me haul my bag out of the overhead bin and then our hands would have touched and we would have blushed cutely and then walked off the plane together into the sunset and lived happily ever after as Harvard professors and the library in our house would be more amazing than Belle’s library and the Hogwarts library combined. But instead, I just sat there like a dweeb and got off the plane in silence and drowned my regrets in airport Dunkin’ Donuts.

Sisters, let my mistake be a lesson for us all… don’t let insecurity stop you from doing cool things! And when it does (‘cause we’re only human), learn from your mistakes and/or blog about it to make to pain go away!

Pinterest, U R so wise.
Pinterest, you are so wise.

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P.S. For anyone who is curious, the book that my soul mate and I were reading was Dragonfly in Amber which is the fourth book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon… which I’ve now read twice! NERD ALERT!!!

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  1. Based solely on the entertainment value and writing quality of this blogpost, I think you should be a writer (and not waste time at Harvard)!

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