Thinker to Feeler… Already?

Gamma Gamma House
Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College
Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

It has only been 24 hours into my first chapter visit, and I have already cried, laughed, made new friends, and realized that this job might transform me from a “thinker” into a “feeler,” as the LCs like to say. This moment of realization hit me as I sat in the Gamma Gamma chapter room among 50 women who were both my sisters, yet strangers. I had merely known these  women for a day, yet they flooded my heart with emotion as I listened to them speak about their Sigma Kappa journey, their love for our sorority, and their appreciation for one another. The raw emotion seemed to take everyone by surprise, during a very casual reading of a preference speech, yet somehow it was extremely refreshing to see how this organization that I am so proud to be a part of, and hold so true to my core, really does change lives.

This first visit really got me thinking about my preference story. Who was I four years ago? I have wanted to join a sorority since I was 10 years old, but was the original reason for loyalty, personal growth, service and friendship? As much as I would like to say yes, the truth is I just wanted to have friends who I shared an “official name” with. Now these values, four words I never realized fit together so perfectly until I joined Sigma Kappa, have become a standard I live my life by. I hold myself accountable to being a better person because of our ritual, because I have 152,000 sisters that span across the world.

Now as it is recruitment season, I am so excited to share my enthusiasm and hear so many more Sigma Kappa stories. Each one of us joined for different reasons, what are yours?

Love in Sigma Kappa,

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