The Smell of New Beginnings

The smell of the sea, outdoors after it rains, clean laundry, & fresh coffee are a few of my favorites smells.

It all started with a pin from Pinterest (see right) & it got me thinking….what exactly is the smell of a new beginning. I settled on an answer that satisfied me & what I settled on is this…

That deep breath you take after walking into your first day of a new job, the jitters of the first day of school, the anxiousness surrounding an important meeting, the first look at your new apartment – those feelings that these experiences encompass are the “smell of new beginnings.”

That feeling that you get at weddings, first birthday parties or when you meet someone you have instant chemistry with…it’s that sense of hope and excitement and pure, genuine happiness. The “smell” encompasses any of our many emotions – you feel anxious yet excited, your mind races at the thought of the unknown, but you feel so much hope. This “smell,” of course, is figurative, but it certainly encompasses our senses and feelings.

We all experience this so-called, smell. Some of us more than others but no doubt that during this next year, you will experience some type of new beginning in some way. It may be a new relationship or apartment or roommate or friendship or city…I could go on & on. As we begin a new school year, there is so much to be excited for, so much to be hopeful for & many unknowns to look forward to.

I truly love my life – I love that I have called several places home in the past year, that I have met people from all over the country & have gotten to travel to cities that I didn’t think I would go to. These are my new beginnings & I am extremely thankful that I get to smell new beginnings all of the time. More importantly though, I am grateful I get to experience new beginnings. My life would be much too boring without them.

New beginnings fluster me in the best of ways & leave me with a sense of hope and optimism. I love the new beginnings my leadership consultant journey has led me on thus far and I love the possibility of all the future adventures this year. (Stay tuned for future posts on some cities & states that I’m visiting for the first time later this semester). I am thankful that I realize that new beginnings are something to marvel at because sometimes a new beginning is all it takes to change your life.

Anyone have any crazy, amazing, new beginning stories to share? I’d love to hear about how much you love [or hate] the “smell of new beginnings!”



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