The World’s Grumpiest Cat

Kristin Ramey
Kristin Ramey

I’m not your typical animal lover. This could be because as a little girl, the Ramey family didn’t have any furry friends (only fish). My older sister, Meghan, is deathly allergic, and my mom always said that we would have to choose between her and a dog. Nevertheless, when I first laid eyes on the infamous Grumpy Cat, I couldn’t help but die a little on the inside.


^^^ Look at that face!

For those of you who have seen and/or heard of Grumpy Cat, you automatically associate her with sarcasm and a frown. What I recently learned, is that Grumpy Cat is actually named Tartar Sauce. She was born on April 4, 2012 and lives in Arizona. Grumpy Cat is apparently not grumpy at all, yet suffers from feline dwarfism which causes her facial expression. Regardless of her life before the spotlight, Grumpy Cat has become a social media sensation, and the world’s grumpiest cat is actually making everyone laugh.

If you’re ever having a bad day, I challenge you to spend some time with Grumpy Cat by looking at some of her social media. I can almost guarantee that you will be laughing before you know it!

I have many favorites when it comes to Grumpy Cat, but I recently came across this on Two of my favorite things: Grumpy Cat and Disney. Enjoy!

7 Pictures Of Grumpy Cat As Iconic Disney Characters

Have a grumpy HAPPY day!


P.S.- I call my older sister Grumpy Cat because I envision that if she was a cat, she would be just like this one. She is a little sassy and sometimes deserves the title (ask anyone in my family… LOVE YOU MEG). She has finally begun to embrace her new nickname!

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