As The Page Turns: The Witches of New York

the witches of new york


Like most great things in life like romance movies and odd life events, it all begins with an ad in the classifieds…

The Witches of New York by Ami McKay

Historical Fiction – 1880s,  ‘Tea and Sympathy’ 933 Broadway, New York, New York

“Respectable lady seeks dependable shopgirl. Must be well versed in sums, etiquette, tea makings and the language of flowers. Those averse to magic need not apply.” The Witches of New York

So here is the scoop: Follow a trio of women as they navigate the dirty sidewalks, society circles, and the glitz and glam of the gilded age of New York City, using their wits and possibly some witchcraft when need. Sure the Salem Witch trials were 2oo years ago, but for Beatrice Dunn, Adelaide Thom and Eleanor St. Clair, trials are coming closer and closer to their quaint tea shop. With questioning glances and trials by fire, the trio must tread lightly with the handsome Dr. Quinn Brody around questioning the true nature of magic.

Thoughts: This book has adventure, mystery and some quality characters, almost like the series Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. While I am always a fan of historical fiction novels, this one sets itself apart. First, the unique storyline shifts from one character to the next, all interconnecting and creating an easy-to-follow story. Second, the characters in this work are unique and coming from different backgrounds and wanting different things, which I find refreshing for a novel set in the 1880s. Ami McKay has connected this novel to her earlier one, The Virgin Cure, which focuses on the life of Adelaide Thom in post civil-war New York.

Rating: 3.34/5 Stars

Where to find it: Barnes & Noble paperback – $10.97, Amazon Kindle – $10.99

Next Month’s book: Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

What did you think of the trio of witches? Have you read other stories by Ami McKay?

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P.S. – I will be on a 17 hour flight to Italy over the winter break so if you all have any suggestions on what to read, let me know!

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