The thing about fall…

The thing about Fall is…

It’s one of the best and worst times of year. Summertime is coming to an end. We are coming to terms with saying goodbye to the pool, coconut scented sunblock and free weekday mornings; it is not fun for some of us if you’re anything like me. Although the summer chapter is closing, fall is in full force. What’s good news? Unfailingly, there is beauty in every season and joy in every transition into something new! Even in the small details of the season… This is why fall is one of my favorite seasons. Change is awesome and transitioning into fall is SO amazing!!

Here’s why I LOVE the fall-

  1. The LEAVES. YEAHS. (the look AND smell).
  2. Everyone turns into a hippie and I love it. Complete with bandanas and distressed clothes.unknown-1
  3. The candles… Apple Spice is the best, of course.
  4. The blankets you curl up in at the end of a busy day.
  5. The crisp mornings.
  6. The GREEN BAY PACKERS.unknown
  7. Okay, the boots and leggings are a thing for me too. And so are beanies. A huge thing for your girl.
  8. The PSL!unknown
  9. When “Wake Me Up When September Ends” plays and it gets too real.
  10. When “Dancing in September” plays and it makes it all better.

The fall is the one of the best seasons of all for the above reasons, and so many more!

Fall on, friends.


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