The End of an Era; The Start of Something Great

the south

the south

For the past 17 years, I’ve been in school learning and absorbing everything I possibly could. Now that I have graduated and no longer have to go to school or class five out of the seven days a week, don’t have assignments due everyday, and don’t have weekly exams to study for, what the heck do I do with myself? There’s no longer an expectation for me to complete tasks on time that are worthy of a grade on a scale of 0-100. Now, it’s the real world where I have a job that expects me to complete tasks on time that are worthy enough to be sent out to many Sigma Kappa volunteers that are amazingly successful women (no pressure).

So what do I do in my free time? Wait, what even is free time? That time used to be spent studying, working on assignments, group projects, papers, I could go on forever. Now, as an “adult” I get to do things after work, but what things do I like to do? I’m so excited that I get to discover more hobbies and interests, and get to read books for fun instead of for a class. I’ll actually have time to hangout with people and not be thinking about what assignments and tests I should be studying for instead. With adulting comes many responsibilities, but it also comes with this so-called free time that I’ve heard great things about!

There’s this other thing I’m excited about too…midwest culture! I was born and raised in the south, and when I say the south I mean out in the country of Alabama. Being surrounded by fields of various crops and a tractor driving down the road at 25 miles an hour holding up traffic on a two lane road isn’t uncommon in the country. Sweet tea is a staple in every household and y’all is in almost every sentence. I have a thick southern accent that I’m sure the midwestern collegians are going to love asking me about/laughing at. In the south, hospitality and manners might as well have their own classes in school and if you don’t say ma’am or sir when speaking to an “elder” (aka anyone more than 5-10 years older than you or someone with authority over you) then you’ve messed up and better correct yourself.

I love the south and everything it has to offer, especially being able to wear XL t-shirts on my size small body with Nike shorts and no judgment; but I hear midwestern girls tend to wear their actual size t-shirt, which I haven’t done in probably seven years. Also, southerners monogram everything. We have to put our mark any fabric surface we own. Even for non-fabric items we have vinyl monograms made to mark our cars, travel mugs, coolers, laptops, Tupperware, etc. It’s a thing here, and apparently monograms are very uncommon in the midwest? I’m definitely going to find out soon! Each SEC football game in the south is a bigger deal than the Grammys or Oscars. Getting used to the Big Ten Conference and that whole football culture will be quite the experience.

The biggest difference between the south and the midwest that probably scares me the most is the weather! Apparently I have to buy snow boots…WHAT IS SNOW??? We had a 70-degree Christmas last year in Alabama, and if the word snow is even uttered on the news, every bread shelf at every grocery store in the state is wiped out within an hour. Also, what is a parka? I bought a coat for the first time in five years when I found out I was going to Indiana in March (it also snowed the weekend I was there). I was truly amazed at all the white powder falling from the sky. So, with that being said, send up some thoughts and prayers for the southern belle that’s being transplanted from Alabama to Ohio this year!

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