The one where I explain the half bun

Cossette Powley - Zeta Omicron Chapter, University of Arizona
Cossette Powley – Zeta Omicron Chapter, University of Arizona

Hello there readers,

As you know, myself along with Cora Johnson, Kappa Phi, have moved to Oregon where the hipster vibe is very real. I have embraced this lifestyle somewhat, but my favorite trend is the half bun. There are many different ways to pull off this look and I believe that they can be appropriate in most situations.

Here is my breakdown of the half bun:

The “I just threw it up look”: This to me is a very on the go look like running to the grocery store or meeting a sister for a coffee date. You can see Dana Finley, Delta rocking the look flawlessly!


The “effortless”: This look to me is ideal when your hair dried perfectly, but you need to step it up. One could wear this style to a date or group project!


The “business casual”: Caveat this one is my favorite. This look is the polished version of the half bun…aka can be worn to table for an organization or to an event. This one is just so cool because it allows you to fully express your vibe…too hipster of a statement?

image image

Overall, the on the go look has been an adjustment for me because I wasn’t sure I could rock it…I was wrong. The real message is to remain confident and what that looks like is different for everyone. I will leave you with the best advice I have ever been given…No matter what, at the end of the day, you’re still awesome.

Till next time,


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