The New Sorority at Mizzou

Tiffany Rozier

This week I spent a great few days with Suz (Leadership Consultant) and Melinda (Extension Specialist) at University of Missouri… also known as Mizzou! We were there doing some PR for the new Sigma Kappa chapter that will be opening in Fall 2012. It was so exciting for us to get to know the greek community at Mizzou and meet some wonderful students and staff! Here are some pictures of our week. You can obviously tell we had a blast!


Love- Tiff

This is what we gave out to students at Mizzou!

 This was our table in the Student Union!



 This is our house that will be remodeled!


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  1. As a member of the last pledge class of the Mizzou chapter in 2004, I have to say I’m so excited for Sigma Kappa to be back and better than ever at Mizzou.

  2. I am moving to Columbia this summer after graduating at Purdue and it will be so nice to be in another place with a chapter!!

  3. As a charter member of Epsilon Mu chapter, I congratulate Sigma Kappa for their faith in recolonizing at MU. I hope the greek community is more supportive than they were in the 60/70’s.

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