The Most Important Ride Yet

Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College
Lauren Kelly, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College

As an equestrian, I have taken MANY rides in my life time. I have taken rides in different states, on different horses, been thrown off (gotten back on of course), and competed with the best in the world. But the most important ride I have taken in my life thus far was my ride as a leadership consultant. How eight months can go by so fast I will never know. But I would take the exact same ride again a million times if I could.

Something extraordinary happened to me in the months of August and September. I came out of those months with a new sense of self and a confidence I didn’t think possible. I have been struggling to put exactly what happened into words- but I am going to try. Here’s what I learned:

Your past DOES NOT define you.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Surrounding yourself with people who push and challenge you is the best way to discover the best version of yourself because they see your potential even when you don’t.

Take the next step- even when retreating seems as though it is the only way you’ll make it out alive.

Eat the dang taco.

Love everyone that you meet as hard as you can- especially those who are the most difficult to love… That includes yourself.

It took me traveling to 8 different states, on 15 different college campuses, working with 1,800+ collegiate women, losing someone I love, being home sick like never before, falling in love and unapologetically being myself to fully learn and live by these statements we hear so often.

I will never be able to give back to Sigma Kappa what Sigma Kappa has given to me. It gave me 11 of the most understanding, loving and hilarious best friends as teammates and that alone is worth it’s weight in gold. But I left a small piece of myself & my heart everywhere I went this year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So while this ride in Sigma Kappa is over, I plan on taking many more.


Keep it Real,


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