The Joy of Living Alone

I have a belief that living solo is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as human beings. blog-3 

Ya know what’s lovely? Coming home after a long day of work and not having to talk to anyone. A whole apartment, house, room, or loft all to yourself. BLESS! It’s a marvelous thing to be utterly alone in your own space. No one that you need to cook for, clean for, talk to or please. No one to share air with. After a long day at work or doing whatever you do, the silence is freeing, I promise.

Oh you’re worried about getting lonely? Stop that! Being lonely is a great thing! It forces us to make ourselves happy. I’m going to type it again – loneliness forces ourselves to be our own happiness. In a world where the number of Instagram followers matter & tinder dating is cool (I’ve done it, no hate) we need to be okay with ourselves. We need to love spending time with number 1! SELF LOVE IS IMPORTANT! And I believe living alone/being a little lonely every now & again helps this.

Also, being lonely makes us value our relationships all the more! You learn who you can really turn to. Thank goodness for all of the technology which has helped us master the art of staying in touch. I Google Hangout with my mom often & Facetime fellow LCs & long distance friends whenever I need a pick me up. I’m not saying that loneliness is easy or fun, but it’s a learning experience worth trying & accepting.

Living alone means you get to do things on your own time; you get to be a little selfish. You don’t have to worry if you’ll wake your roommate up if you heat something up in the microwave. You just don’t have to answer to anyone. You don’t owe anyone an explanation of why you’re eating chocolate at 8 a.m. (mornings are hard & sometimes I just need it OKAY?!). You do you and that is a freeing realization!

The best part about living alone is all the time you get to spend with yourself. You learn so much about what makes you tick, what is funny to you, what entertains you & what you like to do alone. You learn how to completely relax & what makes you utterly happy. You should love the idea of waking up in the morning to a silent home & making decisions solely on your desires about what kind of avo toast you want for breakfast.  I can assure you that you will walk out with more self knowledge than you knew was possible.

Okay, so do not get me wrong – as human beings we have a natural tendency to want to be around other people & a lot of times that naturally means living with others (I know I’ve completely disregarded the fact that sometimes having roommates is more economical…so ignore the money part). I’ve had many lovely roommates & even a few crazy ones & I’m sure you’re the same way. The vast majority of our lifetime, we live with at least one other person at all times so here’s my point – take one year, 6 months, a month & spend it living alone. Be a little selfish, pay a little more rent & love that tiny apartment that you will always get to consider your own. Most importantly, you’ll appreciate all that you learn about yourself in the silence.



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