The Importance of “Thank You”

In this digital age we live in, I’m a sucker for a handwritten thank you note. I treasure them when I receive them & I always try to write my thank yous old school. As my LC journey comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about all of the people who got me here & you guessed it, wrote some thank you notes.

In a post over a year ago I wrote, “Let’s remember to appreciate the people who propel us” & it’s just as true to me today.

I’m a strong believer that you can’t accomplish much on your own. I know I am where I am today because of dozens of wonderful humans – my parents, sister, college friends, high school besties, family friends, supervisors, mentors, campus professionals, & random people who have crossed my path along the way. It’s amazing to think so many people have unselfishly supported & mentored me – several without even realizing it. I hope I can give back to others as much as people have given their knowledge, time, energy & resources to me. THANK YOU!

Think about how far behind you’d be if you didn’t get that extra push from another. Even on the smallest of scales, I have countless people to thank for my growth & happiness.

There are occurrences & experiences in our lives that have gotten us to this very moment. Think for a second….how were those moments influenced by others. Did someone connect you to the recruiter who led you to your dream job? Did someone send you that text on a rough day asking how you were doing? Did your parents spend hours driving you to the airport whenever you needed it? (thanks M & D!!!) Others play an important part of our lives and in return we play an important role in theirs.

I encourage you to pinpoint those people who have really impacted you & send them a little note; I promise that it will make their day.

I believe it’s important to understand that even though we are all fabulous, we could never accomplish much by ourselves. It’s important to remember the people who propel us.

Much love & many thanks to all of you who have influenced my journey.




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