The Circle of Life

When I first found out I was going to be a Leadership Consultant, I knew exactly who I wanted to tell first. I was screaming, I was crying, I was in shock, and more than anything I just couldn’t wait to tell Meg. Of course, due to pesky rules, I couldn’t tell her for a few days, but the initial impulse was there.

Meg was one of the two amazing leadership consultants that were with my chapter during our colony year. The way they were able to build a chapter up with 200 young women who had no idea what it meant to be Greek was magical to me then and remains miraculous to me now. Over the course of that year, Meg and I grew closer; I even went to a Cardinals game with her even though I am a devout Royals fan.

Meg- old

Fast forward three years: I’ve graduated college, got my dream job, and about to hit the road to start my LC adventure. When looking at the chapters I was scheduled to visit, I noticed that Meg’s chapter was the first one on the list. Out of all of Sigma Kappa’s 123 chapters, her chapter was going to be my very first visit! Maybe it was happenstance, maybe my supervisor has a sense of humor, but I could only take it as fate that my first days on the road were going to be spent at the chapter Meg herself had been a part of. Meg had devoted a year of her life to helping build and improve my chapter, and now I was being given the chance to return the favor.

Needless to say, I was excited. My second day at that chapter was their bid day, which is obviously the best day of the year. Being there was such a wonderful full circle moment for me and reaffirmed all the initial reasons why I knew I wanted to be an LC.


The only sensible way for me to follow up a visit like this was to visit Meg, so I did. Immediately after spending a week with her chapter, Meg and I had a lovely day doing all the touristy things in Atlanta. Although we were already close, me becoming a leadership consultant had added yet another layer to our friendship.


I came out of college a very different woman from the person I was when I walked in, and I have Meg to thank for that. I owe so many things to her, including my confidence, my sense of humor, my passion for a well-crafted scholarship program, and any sense of style I was able to absorb from her. I became the woman I wanted to be because Meg gave me the confidence to do so, and I will never be able to thank her enough for that. My dearest wish for my LC journey is that I will be able to touch someone’s life in the way that Meg touched mine.

Much love,

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