The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Nicole Curtis - Theta Pi Chapter, SUNY-Geneseo
Nicole Curtis – Theta Pi Chapter, SUNY-Geneseo

I love food.

So naturally, I love watching the Food Network. Cupcake Wars is one of my all time favorite shows. However, The Best Thing I Ever Ate could also be considered a top contender.

I love it because world renowned chefs gush about their most guilty food pleasures. Whether they are describing the best hamburger ever, or the most decadent chocolate cake, by the end of the episode my mouth is always watering.

Only on a few occasions have I encountered a culinary masterpiece deserving of the honor that is The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

In Fall 2014, I studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand (see related blog post here). On one of the last weekends of the semester, my friends and I went to a food market called La Cigale French Style Farmers Market. We spent the afternoon strolling around the market sampling food from various stands. When we walked by a stand selling cronuts, I was so excited! I had never tried one before, but I once heard that customers stood in line for over an hour to buy cronuts from the NYC shop that claimed to have created this masterpiece. The stand we came across at the market had a few different types of cronuts available, but one stood out to me the most: a maple bacon cronut.

Some of you may question the combination of bacon and maple syrup. But coming from a family that makes their own maple syrup, it is almost a Sunday morning staple for me.

One bite and I was in heaven! It was so delicious with the perfect combination of sweet and salty; flaky and gooey; crispy and rich. But honestly, words cannot describe how amazing this cronut tasted, so let me end with this:


That’s it for this week’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Join us next time for a taste of France as we discover the deliciousness that is a croquet monsieur!


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