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This post is courtesy of a guest author, Megan Crain, Delta Upsilon. Megan is a former Sigma Kappa leadership consultant who continues to stay involved in Sigma Kappa and dedicated to the Foundation. 

I’ve always had a way with words until it came to describing my experience as a leadership consultant (formerly field consultant). I’ve always found it difficult to adequately articulate what a unique experience and pivotal time this was in my own life. Having the opportunity to serve Sigma Kappa in a role that not only provided support across the country for our members but also filled my bucket was one I’m forever grateful to have had. When I think about life experiences, they’re usually one-dimensional, but serving as an LC incorporated all aspects of my life–both professionally and personally. In this role, I was taken out of my “natural habitat,” (Missouri State University at the time), and after a month of training in Indianapolis, put on a flight to embark on what would be the greatest adventure of my life.

Most would find many aspects of this opportunity to be scary or even unconventional, but thanks to the Sigma Kappa Foundation, myself and 376 other women have been equipped with the training and support to not only make an impact on our membership across the country but also personally benefit. The Sigma Kappa Foundation annually contributes about 30 percent of the leadership consultant program operating budget, allowing for educational experiences as well as training through outside facilitators in addition to hands-on learning. Each of these components of training allow for LCs to have the confidence and “tool belt” ready to tackle any situation they encounter.

What I didn’t realize then, but now often reflect on, is that those programs and workshops as well as the day-to-day experience of me being on the road have helped to mold me into the philanthropic, community-oriented leader I am today. If not for the opportunity to travel and serve, I wouldn’t have followed my true passion of working in fundraising for causes that, much like the Sigma Kappa Foundation, work to ‘excel in philanthropic service to benefit society.’

– Megan Crain

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