"Thanks for calling 1-800-WE-ARE-AWESOME!"

On the morning of October 8, I awoke from a short slumber to two very excited members of the Upsilon chapter at Oregon State University shaking me. Thankfully, they realized that texting me was not an effective way to wake me up since I sleep like a rock.

Upsilon awaiting their new members!

Naturally, I was in a zombie-like state when I walked into the guest room and unable to anticipate the exciting news that awaited me. The door was shut behind me and Mary Phillips, collegiate recruitment specialist, shared some of the most exciting news of the year with the women of Upsilon. The chapter matched 54 women during formal recruitment, meaning they got quota plus two! All of the chapter’s hard work during pre-recruitment and formal recruitment could be seen in this incredible number.

Throughout the week, the women were supported by phone calls and emails from Sigma Kappa members all over the nation. The chapter was so excited to receive an encouraging email from Sara Chacon, national vice president for membership. They also had the chance to hear from Past National President Angela Guillory for a pump up speech before preference round. Earlier that day, Mary called Angela and she answered the phone with, “Thanks for calling 1-800-WE-ARE-AWESOME!” in response to the performance of the women thus far. She was incredibly encouraging to the chapter and they loved hearing from her.

Chapter Members Before Round One

Spending nine days with the Upsilon chapter for recruitment was full of lots of excitement. As any visit with this chapter, it was filled with laughter and laugh crying, new YouTube videos, late night fast food, tweets with #win or #winning, and lots of music – I think Mary and I know all the words to the Today’s Hits Pandora station, no lie. The girls have a long recruitment process, all of which takes place during their second week of classes. The chapter was so positive throughout the entire process. Their energy, excitement, and preparedness attributed to their successful recruitment. I’m excited to return for Founder’s Day and meet all the new members!



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