Thank you Sigma Kappa

Kate Wright, Zeta Phi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kate Wright, Zeta Phi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Hello friends,

November holds many important dates, most notably, Founders’ Day and Thanksgiving. It seems like an appropriate time to give thanks to Sigma Kappa, to Mary, Ida, Louise, Francis, Elizabeth and all the sisters who came before me to create the most incredible organization I will ever be a part of.

Thank you for giving me ritual that encourages me to become my best self every day.


Thank you for having only two Greek letters. That one less letter may not seem like a lot but imagine the difference between going to bed at 3 AM or painting a third letter.

Thank you for instilling in me a spirit of service and for giving me causes to care about so deeply.


Thank you for my big sister, she has taught me that work should not come at the expense of happiness.

Thank you for my little sister, she encourages me to always be bettering myself if only to keep up with her greatness.


Thank you for the lavender and maroon, they are colors a red head can rock.

Thank you for my best friends, I would not have made it through college or life without them. They remind me to be silly, they encourage me to be adventurous, they share a gold heart with me on Snapchat, and they are always the greatest support system I could ever hope for.sbinsd

Thank you for the opportunities for development, especially this year on the road. I would not be the woman I am or possess the skills that I do if not for Sigma Kappa.

Thank you for all the best apparel because what would I be wearing this very moment if not for Sigma Kappa?

Thank you for giving me the most amazing home to spend my college years in. 10914260_1606694476283643_891951573_n

Thank you for our alumnae, headquarters staff and volunteers because they remind me that there is always more to give Sigma Kappa in return for all it gave me.

Finally, thank you for my LC team. They have shown me that there are other people in this world as head over heels for Sigma Kappa as I am. They are brilliant. They are hilarious. They are the most amazing women I know.



“In every generation of our lives, the fraternity sorority experience matters.” – Pete Smithhisler


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