Personal Growth

personal growth

Dear readers, This is the second installment of my blog series on Sigma Kappa’s values. Last month we covered friendship, and how important this value is to Sigma Kappa’s success across the nation.  This month, I will be telling you […]

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Authentically You

Johnson City | Charlotte | Farmville | Indianapolis | Columbia | Milwaukee | Columbia | Radford | Ypsilanti | Lansing | Charleston | Selinsgrove | Boston | Wellesley | Omaha | Clemson | Boca Raton | Bloomington | Hey Readers, Happy 2017! […]

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“New year, new me.” It’s what everyone says the second the clock strikes midnight on January first. The next day gyms are full, juice cleanses are in again, and suddenly there’s a shortage of spinach at the supermarket. This year […]

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