What better way to start out the new year than by learning about Sigma Kappa’s third value, loyalty?  So, let’s start out by describing what loyalty means and why it is important to Sigma Kappa. Loyalty is being there for […]

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To My New Sisters

Dear new sisters, Congratulations! This fall, more than 4,000 of you were initiated and assumed full membership in Sigma Kappa Sorority. You now wear our badge as your own. As I approach my seventh year of membership with our beloved […]

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“Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.” Dear readers, I’ve decided to focus my next few blogs on Sigma Kappa’s four values – friendship, loyalty, service and personal […]

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On Being Savage

I recently got to experience one of those sisterhood retreat moments when the room is full of love and everyone remembers so clearly why they became and remained Sigma Kappa women. Even in a room of people I’ve never met […]

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