How to Accept Change

Life is always changing and transitioning, and it can often be scary and hard to accept. Change is always uncomfortable, stressful, and emotional, but it is part of life and we can’t escape it. I have had to deal with […]

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A New Kind of Resolution

Ah, yes. It’s now February, and you’re probably wondering what another blog post about resolutions is doing on your feed. You’re most likely feeling a little guilty because you, along with most individuals, lose sight of their resolutions relatively easily. […]

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Fake It Until You Become It

So, you’ve graduated college and are now officially an adult – congratulations! If you’re anything like me, the excitement of graduation faded over the summer into some self-doubt and uncertainty. What am I actually supposed to be doing? What do […]

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Personal Growth

personal growth

Dear readers, This is the second installment of my blog series on Sigma Kappa’s values. Last month we covered friendship, and how important this value is to Sigma Kappa’s success across the nation.  This month, I will be telling you […]

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