Personal Growth

personal growth

Dear readers, This is the second installment of my blog series on Sigma Kappa’s values. Last month we covered friendship, and how important this value is to Sigma Kappa’s success across the nation.  This month, I will be telling you […]

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In Good Company

Oklahoma City | Johnson City | Charlotte | Farmville | Indianapolis | Columbia | Milwaukee | CoMo | Radford | Ypsilanti | Lansing | Charleston | Selinsgrove | Boston | Wellesley | Omaha | Clemson | Boca Raton | Miami| Tampa | […]

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Are you a Dreamer?

Every day I’m reminded of how much this year has been full of growth and self-discovery for me. I’ve decided to stop going through life on auto pilot and disengaged in an effort to protect myself. I have worked hard to […]

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