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Molly Kenney
Molly Kenney

When I arrived in Indianapolis and began pre-recruitment week with Kappa Psi, there were many unknowns; not only for me as I began my adventures as an LC, but for the women of Kappa Psi. They were getting ready to participate in their first ever pre-recruitment week and formal recruitment. Many questions rushed through their heads as I explained rotation groups and door chants. After the jammed-packed week of learning the ins and outs of recruitment, it was now time to wait two long weeks for recruitment.

The day had finally arrived and recruitment 2012 was getting ready to begin. Kappa Psi was nervous and anxious for the first door chant to begin. I think I was just as nervous because I was also entering an unknown. I had been through recruitment two different ways…as a PNM and recruiter, but not as an alumna and LC representing Sigma Kappa.

I was so proud of these ladies after each day and round of recruitment. They were taking everything they had worked hard to learn and were applying it. Then their hard work came full circle when I was holding the bid list in my hands. Announcing to the women that quota was 31 and they were receiving 40 new members has been the highlight of this job for me. The women started jumping for joy and crying from happiness.

It was now time to greet these 40 new members after they opened their bid cards. As I stood out of the way trying not to get trampled by the stampede of new members, I was able to capture the moment. I think it does a great job summing up the weekend and excitement in Kappa Psi. Congrats ladies on a wonderful first formal recruitment!


Kappa Psi on Bid Day
Welcome new members!

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  1. Molly, you are doing such an amazing job as LC! Obviously the girls you are working with are being positively impacted by you as they soak up your SK knowledge, and that is why your recruitment went so amazing! As much as I miss having you in Springfield, I know you are exploring a new chapter in your life. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to talk to you soon, I’ll probably call on my drive tomorrow 🙂

  2. I literally just teared up a little bit reading this. The women at Kappa Psi are so lucky to have you, and your Delta Upsilons are so proud!!

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