Starting my adventure!

Lindsey Farrow

The time had finally arrived, time to pack my things and move to Florida, by myself, for seven months. As I packed my car for the eleven hour trek from North Carolina to Boca Raton, Florida, many feelings took over my body. I was anxious and nervous and excited. More than anything, I was determined. Following my last visit for Formal Recruitment  at FAU, I was sure, in my mind, that the next seven months of my life as a colony consultant were going to be life-changing.

So mom and I set off and began the long drive that brought me to Boca Raton, almost 700 miles from home. Thanks to pretzel M&M’s and my German speaking GPS, Helga, (my brother changed my GPS to German, before my eleven hour drive, of course..he thinks he’s funny) we arrived at Florida Atlantic University, where I will spend most of the next year of my life.

As I sit here I feel the same sense of independence I felt when I began college. This time, I am in a different state, living in an apartment by myself. Following my unpacking, the very first thing I did was drive to the beach. I drove until I saw water, parked at a meter and sat on the beach for an hour. This job has brought me to a breathtaking town, which I know independently I would have not sought out.

I have enjoyed getting to know the students at FAU and learning about all of the best places to eat locally in Boca Raton. They have recommended me to a great church, shopping and to great local restaurants. I look forward to beginning my life, as we begin our new chapter at FAU.

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