Spring Has Sprung

Addison Reed, Delta Upsilon Chapter, Missouri State University
Addison Reed, Delta Upsilon Chapter, Missouri State University

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the showers are pouring, and it is obviously SPRING! I challenge you to embrace this new season and create a fresh start. Here are my tips on how you can start today:

  • Go outside! I find that a chapter visit is even more enjoyable when I can have meetings outside in the sun or go for a hike with chapter members.
  • Regrow yourself! Maybe you notice you have unhealthy habits from the winter months like eating sweets or binge watching Netflix. What better time than now, with a new season upon us, to take the steps to change.
  • Bloom relationships! Maybe it has been awhile since you’ve FaceTimed your best friend or called your family. Now is the time to reset old relationships and bloom new ones.
  • Weed out the negatives! Embrace the positive vibes spring brings and try being more positive yourself. If you can go a whole day without complaining or thinking negative thoughts, your whole life will improve.
  • Find relaxation and solace in spring! For college students, spring is a time for last minute assignments and finals.┬áTake a few hours out of your week to relax and de-stress. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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