Soul Sisters

“Hey soul sister, I don’t want to miss a
single thing that you do… I believe in you.” – Train

Xi chapter of Sigma Kappa
Xi Chapter, The University of Kansas

One day a couple of months ago, my mom and I were driving in the car together and listening to the radio. Train’s “Soul Sister” came on and my mom turned up the volume (a rare occurrence) and announced to me that this was her new favorite song. “Your sister suggested that I listen to this song,” she elaborated, “because I told her I don’t know what is cool anymore now that the two of you are in college.” I appreciated her effort and was flattered by the fact that she ever thought I was cool.

After that conversation, every time I heard “Soul Sister” I thought of my mom. Those who know me well know that I am not very music literate and have exactly 256 songs on my iPod – most of which were freshman year favorites. Naturally, since I am always looking for “cool” music, I bought the entire Train CD for my iPod. This past week, during my first visit as a Leadership Consultant, the women of Xi taught me more about what it means to be a soul sister…

Upon arrival in Kansas City, after experiencing “technical difficulties” and a change of planes in Chicago, I was immediately greeted by the women of Xi. I was well taken care of and especially well fed thanks to Dennis’ amazing cooking! The chapter members worked hard during the day practicing conversation skills and Sigma Kappa songs that still run through my head as I drift off to sleep at night. One of my favorites was the “snap song” because I could tell from the members’ faces how much they loved this song! Sig-ma Kappa, Sigma K, Sig-ma Kappa, Sigma K…

Later in the week I had the opportunity to meet various alumnae of Xi and mothers of current chapter members. One alumna said that when she lived in the house in the 1970’s, there was a chapter member that was studying architecture. This architecture major had a vision to add pillars and a side addition in order to make the house look more like the other sorority and fraternity houses on campus. It was this member’s vision that created the Sigma Kappa house at KU today!

Xi Chapter of Sigma Kappa SororityOne of my favorite moments of the whole visit was listening to the chapter members practice and perfect their preference song “Hey there Sister” – the Sigma Kappa version of Train’s popular tune. Their song further reiterated my belief that the bond shared by women in Sigma Kappa is like an invisible web which creates a feeling unlike any other. I had only known these women for three days, yet in that moment I felt as though I had known them for much longer. In that moment, we became soul sisters in Sigma Kappa.

Although part of my responsibility as an LC is to teach our sisters across the country how to be even better Sigma Kappa women, I love learning from the women I encounter as well. The women of Xi taught me that there is no limit to success when we keep in mind the values we promise to live as Sigma Kappa women. Thank you, ladies! Best of luck this week with recruitment!


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  1. I love this blog!! Glad you’re enjoying the beginning of your journey, Brooke, and I look forward to seeing you in DC next month!

  2. This is so sweet! Brooke- you should know that the women haven’t stopped talking about how awesome you are. Best of luck with the rest of your travels! LiSK- Marsha

  3. This blog sure brings back memories. I visited Xi twice when I was a traveling secretary in ’76-’77. It was a fabulous year of wonderful experiences. Best of luck to you in your travels.

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