Thankful Thoughts: My Sigma Kappa Experience

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We all have things to be thankful for throughout the year but it seems that we only think of them in the month of November because of Thanksgiving. Sigma Kappas have the joy of celebrating Founders’ Day in November as well, which might also make each member feel a little more thankful for our organization. I know this is certainly true for myself. Without Sigma Kappa, my college experience would have been a completely different one and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I joined when Sigma Kappa was reestablishing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Go Blazers!) which is where I met my first Sigma Kappa sister, Christian Feagans. She was the residential leadership consultant that year and is still one of my great friends today. After transferring to the university as a junior, I had no idea how I was going to make friends, but then this amazing opportunity presented itself to join an organization that stood for so many things that I personally connected with.

That first year in Sigma Kappa was incredible, and I made some of my closest friends that I know will one-day stand with me on my wedding day. I also met amazing alumnae who volunteered with our chapter and made me want to strive for their level of success. You know those women you meet and you’re just in awe of them and how polished and put-together they are? That’s how I felt when I met Jordan Barnett, Perry Lopez (Ellis), and Katherine Getty for the first time, just to name a few. I was truly inspired by these Sigma Kappa women and just wanted to be them when I “grew up.”

My second year in Sigma Kappa is when I met Katie Wylly, the second-year residential consultant for the Zeta Sigma chapter. Today, she is someone I talk to every day through memes on Instagram, and I love keeping up with her amazing D.C. life on Snapchat. I’m beyond grateful that Sigma Kappa brought me friendships like these from all over the country. Even though most of these women are not located near me, I still talk to them often and they are truly my best friends and forever my sisters.

Now, fresh out of my collegiate life as a Sigma Kappa, I’m on to being an LC and making those same kinds of connections and friendships with women at my residential chapter. I think I will have some lasting relationships that might even have them texting me after I’m gone or sending me memes on Insta.

The relationships have been the most impactful on my life, but I’m also thankful for this job because it affords me so many opportunities that I would otherwise not be blessed with. I’ve been able to travel more with Sigma Kappa than I ever have in my life. Even as a collegian, I went to RLC and convention. Just the LC interview process alone took me to Indiana and allowed me the amazing opportunity to tour NHQ and see some of the most fascinating Sigma Kappa artifacts. This job has also given me more professional development in my short three months on the road than I could have ever received in another position .

More than anything, this experience has made me appreciate my home and my family. I love to travel and I love new places but, as the saying goes, “there’s no place like home.” Sigma Kappa has given me a family everywhere I go and there’s always a sister nearby, but I have a greater appreciation for my loved ones back in Alabama now that they aren’t always around.

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