Different Story, Different Chapter, Same Sorority

This is the first time I am not packing up my Xterra with everything I own and making a drive up the mountain to Boone, North Carolina. Every year I drove up, I always had the feeling of home and a place I could call mine. My people, my mountains, my home! Sigma Kappa allowed me to create that feeling of home. These women were my backbone and my support system whenever times were too much for me to handle. Like the time I lost my grandfather or had the worst semester of my life for grades and even when I lost who Jenna Huff really was. My sisters from Theta Alpha always picked me up from my failures and made me believe I could make it through these hard times. This year as a traveling consultant, I will hear and see a lot of similar stories of how Sigma Kappa has helped these women grow.

On Aug. 7, I nervously and anxiously arrived to University of Louisville to spend my first-ever chapter visit with the women of Alpha Theta. Right when I met the president, Cassidy, I felt that sense of “home” like I did with my own chapter at Appalachian State University. These women had something special and it wasn’t just because they were my first ever visit. Like every sorority and every chapter, they all had something they could work on and were afraid PNMs (potential new members for my non-sorority/fraternity friends) would not like them because they weren’t perfect.

One night after a very long day of recruitment practice, you could see in the women’s eyes that were tired and just couldn’t practice anymore. That night the women decided to practice preference round to not only make sure the timing was correct, but to help the women see and feel the love in this organization. I wasn’t expecting to feel any connection with this chapter because this wasn’t the chapter I had devoted my four years as a collegian to, but I was quickly reminded that regardless of the university, the Sigma Kappa chapters across the nation all share a sacred bond. I was actually sitting next to an alumna of Alpha Theta, Kara DeLost, who I could see in her eyes all of her memories as a collegian rushing back into her heart.

Kara posted this quote on her Instagram “I was reminded in the sweetest softest way that this organization is not just a part of who I am, it’s a part of who I became.” Like Kara, Sigma Kappa gave me meaning and allowed me to strive to become a better leader and a more well-rounded person in today’s society. Kara is actually the reason I decided to change my blog post and bring attention to this amazing story.

sigma kappa louisville

The collegians started to share their stories of how Sigma Kappa has changed them for the better. These speeches sounded more like conversation because I could hear the love, passion, and growth in their voices. They wanted the PNMs to know they were more than just cute Instagram photos, great makeup, and made-up rumors. These women were real and authentic. As the women spoke, my connection for them started to grow because these stories sounded a lot like mine. I will never forget the Alpha Theta Chapter not only because they will always be my first chapter visit but they will always be the women that reminded me that no matter where I travel to, every Sigma Kappa will feel like home!

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