Traveling with a Resting Young Face

Ever since I can remember I have always looked much younger than my friends. While traveling, my young face has created a lot more struggles. They are all enjoyable and make my life a little bit more laughable!

People assume you are in the wrong security lane because you have TSA Pre-Check.

I have a love/hate relationship with people just eyeing me down wondering if I am lost. One of my favorite things to do in life is to prove someone wrong. Not the type where I think am better than them, but if someone assumes I am not capable of doing something because of my age, gender, and (in this case) young face, I like to prove them wrong. They immediately become very impressed when I slam my luggage down on the security belt and zip on through.


If you are sitting in the exit lane, the flight attendants will always ask if you over the age of 15.

This happened during my travel to my third chapter visit. I just ran from one plane to the next and I somehow was in the emergency exit row. I remember feeling strange stares from the flight attendant. Right when I made eye contact with the flight attendant she says “I am just going to assume you are 15. Correct?” I laughed it off but inside I was screaming, “I AM 23 YEARS OLD, LADY.”


Older people always feel the need to be your guardian on the plane because they are concerned that your parents have left you.

This is a blessing and a curse. Kind strangers will always ask if I need their assistance. On the other hand, I have this happen to me often because of my young features. Maybe they are just doing this to be nice and maybe I am dramatic. Either way, I can’t thank these people enough for their kind gestures.


When people ask you your reasons for traveling they are shocked to hear that your job allows you to travel alone.

With having a young face, people always feel more comfortable talking to you. I also enjoy engaging in these conversations because I am always interested in learning about someone else’s life. While explaining to them what I do for my job they become very concerned as to why I have a job in the first place and that I am traveling alone.


When older people engage in conversation with you they start feeling too comfortable and will try to get you to marry/date their grandson or son.

Fun Fact: As of today I have three arranged marriages from meeting people in the airport.


All of these struggles get very annoying at times but I am very used to this. For anyone out there with a resting young face like mine, I feel your pain.

And yes I always get tired of hearing, “You will love this when you get older.” Correct; I will love this when I get older, but for now I would love to look like an adult. So for everyone out there with a resting young face, just laugh these moments off as best you can, because guess what?!? YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!

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