Puppy of the Month: Mentoring

April Puppy of the Month: Sambo

Honorable Mention: Charlie

This month’s dogs come straight from a senior leadership consultant, Lauren Johnson. Make sure to catch her blogs for all of your fast food restaurant reviewing needs. Her contribution to puppy of the month was a subtle reminder of something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently as we draw closer to the one-year mark of being Sigma Kappa leadership consultants – the mentoring opportunities that come with being a part of such a unique role and such a great team. Most people see us mentoring chapter officers, which is extremely rewarding and an amazing part of the job, but we are given the opportunity to grow in this role as well.

I often say that I’ve tried to always surround myself with people I’ve looked up to, so that they can constantly push me to be better – not that different from Charlie *literally* looking up to Sambo here.

This is something that I have definitely experienced as a leadership consultant. As a team, we all bring different Sigma Kappa experiences, different leadership styles, and different strengths to a role that requires us to be adaptable and understanding of many areas. While we may not technically call everyone a mentor, we do look to each other for help often and give advice to each other when we can. When I started this role, BillHighway made me want to actually cry – but under the guidance of JeanAnn, Mary, and our supervisors, I’ve become confident in the tool and my ability to find what I need. Just look at how relaxed I am walking into my VPF meetings now:

As first-year LCs, we also have the guidance of our senior leadership consultants, who had already lived the LC life for a year and came prepared to pass down the knowledge. We are specifically paired with one “SLC” as our go-to (Hi, Shelby!!), but it’s a well-known fact that all of them are all always happy to help.

So to Shelby, Kendall, and Lauren – thank you! You’ve set a high standard, helped us grow as people, and made sure our team created some great friendships along the way. From one senior leadership consultant to another, I think we have some pretty big shoes to fill.

I think it’s also important to recognize the many, many other mentors that we can gain from this experience. Working with volunteers, national officers, headquarters staff, and campus professionals means there are always stories to hear and things to learn. Hearing the journeys people have experienced in Sigma Kappa and outside of it has provided me with guidance both personally and professionally; I am always amazed by the vested interest these individuals have in seeing those around them succeed.

In all stages of life, mentors are important – they can provide us with perspective, direction and good counsel. Being an LC has made me realize they can come from anywhere, and this past year has made me value the opportunity to be that mentor for others even more.


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