Puppy of the Month: Adoption

Back in December of 2016, I graduated from college, got a job working in my university’s Dean of Students office, ate too many white chocolate covered pretzels, and officially took on the role of alumna.

After starting to work in the “real world,” I realized that an 8 to 5 job can leave you with a lot more free time than when you’re taking classes, going to organizational meetings, and then coming home to study until 3 a.m. So I figured I might as well do something productive, and something that I was excited about – hang out with dogs.

I knew that there was an animal shelter close by because when I was working with my college Panhellenic council, we did a service project with potential new members during recruitment where we made dog toys out of t-shirts and donated them. After a quick search of the website, I found the foster tab, filled out an application, and decided to hope for the best.

Frank, Eileen, and Norman

Now here’s where we get to the good stuff, the puppies of the month.

I got a call a few months after my application submission, asking if I would be willing to take in three puppies. I wasn’t quite expecting to have three during my first foster, but as soon as they brought in these puppies I knew I’d never be the same. They were too young to be adopted, so I held on to them until they had all of their shots. Many snuggles ensued. I had to shed a few tears when they went back after a month, but I knew that they would be adopted quickly because of those eyes. They were all three adopted within 24 hours.


Not all dogs are for all people, but I think Salsa is the kind of cute you hope to see on the World’s Ugliest Dog Show. I only had him for a short time, but he was the most well-behaved dog and looked very cute in the sweater he needed in March.


Buddy came to me with a broken leg, but still had enough energy to sprint around my room if unleashed. He even broke his cone of shame half-way through.

These foster pups became a huge part of my lifeĀ and gave me something to do which I could be committed. Because of my experience, I will always be an advocate for people to foster and adopt from animal shelters. It allows deserving dogs to find a good home, and helps the community continue to support lost or abandoned animals. Some shelters will post their available pets from time to time, like Young Williams, which I check in on every few days to see what might pop up. Another great source is PetFinder, which many shelters use to publicize their pups.

So, if you’re in the market for a dog, consider stopping by your local shelter. And if you have the time and space, look into fostering and take in a pet who needs extra attention for a limited amount of time. You never know who you might find!

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