Puppy of the Month: Autumn Edition

Welcome back to the October edition of Puppy of the Month! October is, of course, one of the best months out of the entire year. That means it deserves a very special puppy who truly embodies the month’s festivities and overall vibe. So without further ado…

October Puppy of the Month: Pug

To clarify, Pug is both her name and her breed. She is a three-year-old puggle from Nashville, Tenn., who loves pizza, popcorn, and sitting on laps. She gets overly excited whenever someone new comes in the room, and always has to sleep under the covers. Same. Here’s a pic of her on her third birthday with her favorite food:

She is also obviously a big fan of the fall season, which includes dressing up for Halloween and being the cutest Pug-kin around. Fall just so happens to be one of my favorite seasons as well, and it’s even more exciting being able to experience it as a leadership consultant. Already, I’ve been to places that are 40 degrees in September, a feat which was not possible “down south.” I get to see several different campuses during this beautiful season when leaves are changing, and I can wear all my comfy cardigans with ease. Pug is no stranger to fall fashion. She can rock boots as well as any of us:

You also can’t forget about fall food. While I am not a PSL gal myself, I appreciate the hype around everything else fall-themed. When I was visiting Beta Eta at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, they even took me to get apple cider donuts. Apple cider donuts!! Life changing. So fall. Wow. Pug always takes the time to enjoy the cuisine of the season, even if her version tastes a little more like dog toy stuffing.

Of course, one thing I have had to adjust to is not always being on a campus where football is a top priority. As an alumna of Alpha Delta at the University of Tennessee, I always want to support my Volunteers. If I happen to visit your chapter on a Saturday in the fall, I may have to look up the score a few times, and you might see me wearing some traces of orange. This is all to ensure that Pug and I are supporting our team as much as possible.


Working with college women, I definitely understand that October comes full of midterms and homework. Pug identifies with the struggle:

That means it is all the more important to be focusing on the positives in life. This semester will be over before we know it, so it is important to appreciate the time that you have. Enjoy the fall, the food, the weather, and treat yo self when needed. You’ll be feeling fresh in no time, just like Pug in these pics:

Finally, I leave you with my all time favorite picture of Pug as we enter into the holiday season. Please rest assured, no pugs were harmed in the makings of this amazing photo.

Bonus dog tip: If you’re not part of the Dogspotting group on Facebook, now is your time to shine. My social media brings me true joy, because I can see cute and funny dogs from all over the world. You’re welcome.

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