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Gabby Della Pesca
Gabby Della Pesca

Disclaimer: If you have never read/seen Mary Poppins, then A.) I’m sorry that your life is missing out on this joy and B.) This blog post is probably going to seem super weird… I’m very sorry.

Reasons why my job as a Leadership Consultant is slowly transforming me into my role model and one of the greatest women of all time, Mary Poppins:

I travel around with a huge bag that is filled with more things than you could possibly imagine.

I visit different families chapters for brief periods of time during which I completely change their lives, fix their daddy issues, and teach them how to have fun in a colorless world. (Also, I help them find their GIN password.)

Actually, this looks a lot like recruitment…

While I don’t usually take collegians on trippy adventures into sidewalk chalk paintings, we do have some pretty fun and weird experiences together (hello, late night recruitment crafting!).

I coordinate my travels based solely on what direction the wind is blowing. (Fun fact: as I was typing that, a man walked past me and I heard him say into his phone, “What direction are you coming from? North? South? East? West?”… HE KNEW!)

I haven’t quite perfected Mary’s “Say Whatt???” face… I’m working on it.

When I meet chapter officers for the first time, I use my magic tape measure to assess their character and skills based solely on the random phrase that’s written next to their height… Just kidding! I also judge them on how well they clean their room!

I love showing collegians that a “spoonful of sugar” really does help the medicine go down, and that there are always fun and creative ways to use policies to your advantage!

Hey penguins– save the formal wear for the jaguar mascots!

I meet all sorts of wacky characters like Mary Poppin’s dancing penguins, or in my case the blazer-wearing jaguar mascot that patted me on the head in the IUPUI campus center.

I tap dance and/or sing on a fairly regular basis.

When collegians are having trouble with finances, I help them storm the London bank and knock down the old geezers that are ruining the economy and sucking all the fun out of life!  …I also direct them to Billhighway tutorials.

I travel primarily using flying umbrellas.

This is my nightmare…

I once watched a real life Feed the Birds scenario unfold while standing at a bus stop in Chicago.  Shout out to the crazy lady who scattered a family size bag of Doritos on the sidewalk to “see if the birdies would come”…. (Spoiler alert: the birdies came.)

Although I love my chapter visits, I know when my work is done and when it is time to leave and let the collegians spread their wings and fly… a kite… up to the highest heights.

I am now Mary Poppins… this is actually a selfie.

Until next time,

Gabby Poppins

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