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Francesca Gomes
Francesca Gomes

Hi, friends!

Sigma Kappa’s chapter officers across the nation have recently transitioned and participated in Collegiate Officer’s Academy. During my last few chapter visits, I have been reminded of how much executive councils go through together before really beginning to excel as a group.

My current movie obsession is absolutely aca-awesome! If you have seen Pitch Perfect, you know exactly what I mean. What could be better than a hilarious chick flick based on a capella?

Earlier today, when I was watching Pitch Perfect for the fourth time, I realized that the main a capella group, the Barden Bellas, go through some situations that are quite similar to those of new leaders of our chapters.

  • The collegiate women of Barden University have to audition and be selected to become a member of the group. This is comparable to how the leaders of our chapters apply to be nominated and then elected into a position.
  • After elections, the beginning stages involve learning to work together. Just like the Barden Bellas, executive councils need to form together and start getting a feel for each other’s working styles and backgrounds.
  • The next stage includes finding your place in the group. At one point, a few of the Barden Bellas struggle with their roles, the balance of leadership and accepting each member for what they have to offer. This storming stage is something that new leaders of our chapters sometimes find themselves in.
  • It takes a lot of effort to end up working together in perfect harmony. The Barden Bellas reach the ultimate goal of any group by the end of the movie, where they were “performing” and working pitch-perfectly together to achieve their goals through new avenues.

Pitch Perfect

Best of luck to all of the Sigma Kappa chapter leaders out there who are learning to work together effortlessly. You will do great things for your chapters, campus and community. Aca-believe it!



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