How To Plan For The Best Bid Day

When I think about some of my favorite memories of my collegiate years, a majority of them were at bid day. The night and morning before every bid day, I remember running around Boone, NC, getting last minute items. The number of balloons I have had tied together should have cost me my fingers. The lack of sleep and the amount of stress that was accumulated helping plan a bid day disappeared when I would see the women I recruited run home to Sigma Kappa.

Anyone hoping to make your bid day the best day, I hope this advice can help you plan the perfect day for your chapter. I have been able to travel across the country and see what Sigma Kappa members have planned for their future bid days.

Tip #1: Find the perfect bid day theme that matches your chapter’s personality

Crazy, wild, and loud themes: rock & roll, Alice in Wonderland, color run, Space Jam, and even NASCAR bid day themes. NASCAR sounds crazy but honestly, it is the best theme I have experienced so far.

Throwback! This is my sophomore bid day and the beauty to my left is my perfect bestie/little Carlin!

Trendy, chic, and cool themes: mermaid, pop art, Candyland, music festivals, blizzard (January or spring recruitment) gypsy, and to all of my East Coast friends, you can do a nice trendy West Coast theme.

Classic, fun, and cute themes: any sports theme (football, basketball, baseball, Olympic), Woodstock, America, 90s new bids on the block, and welcome to the jungle.

For the “everything is better with a little glitter” chapters: Kesha, every day is your bid day, and out of this world.

Bid Day themes I have never seen done but would love to see in the future: Harry Potter and Purple Day!

Tip #2: Find the perfect venue

Now that you have picked the perfect theme you need to book a venue. Try to pick a venue (if you don’t have a house) that matches your bid day theme, but be conscious of the fact that it might rain on your special day. During my junior year bid day, it rained the entire day and we had booked our venue in a park with nowhere else to go. We ended up blasting the music and did a nice rain dance.

Make sure you plan activities to do while you are at bid day. I am a big believer that a DJ can make or break an event. Be sure to have fun tunes playing for sisters to dance to! Always have fun icebreakers, sisterhood events, and even friendly competitions planned for the day. This is a great way for the new members to feel automatically connected to everyone.

Tip #3: Go all out with the outfits

My final and most important piece of advice is to be sure your sisters go all out on their outfits! You can make any theme look amazing with a little glitter, paint, and props! And seriously, do not forget about the props!


Happy bid day planning!

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