Personal Growth To Me

Katherine Getty
Katherine Getty

While in college, I have to say that I connected more with the values of sisterhood, loyalty and service than I did with personal growth. I feel this is because personal growth is sometimes a difficult thing to measure. It takes challenges and opportunities outside the norm to be able to experience personal growth. It also takes regular personal reflection to realize when a change has occurred. During my time in college, I had direct examples of my amazing sisterhood or the service that we did or even the loyalty I had to my chapter.

Now in this position, I feel personal growth on a daily basis. Every day gives me an opportunity to experience something new and different. I now look at each day as a new adventure. I have to admit that this adventure is not always easy. I can’t lie. Some days, I feel like I “grew” a lot. Other days, I build on areas and try to develop my skills better. I know that when I complete this chapter in my life I will fully see the personal growth that has occurred, and I eagerly look forward to that day. For now, I am going to take the time to fully live out each moment. I will allow myself to make mistakes, celebrate the small wins, and most importantly, give all I can to the women I work with. I will also take moments to appreciate our sorority.

Sigma Kappa has given me this opportunity, and I will take every chance to appreciate it.

In Sigma,

Katherine Getty

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