Personal Growth

personal growth

personal growth

Dear readers,

This is the second installment of my blog series on Sigma Kappa’s values. Last month we covered friendship, and how important this value is to Sigma Kappa’s success across the nation.  This month, I will be telling you about Sigma Kappa’s second value, personal growth.

So what is personal growth?

Personal growth means making a conscious effort to enhance your life in all aspects.  This includes our internal and external health as well as developing our personal and professional life skills.  We develop and grow these skills by challenging and expanding our mental, physical, spiritual, and social boundaries.  Sigma Kappa helps young women achieve personal growth by providing many leadership opportunities within each chapter that challenges their members to develop interpersonal skills that extend beyond college life.

On the road as a leadership consultant, I have been lucky enough to witness this growth in the collegiate women at the Lambda Iota Chapter as well as in myself.  I can already see the early successes of this chapter by the initiative the executive council and officers have taken to learn their responsibilities and begin making plans for the chapter during their first semester in office.  The chapter members without leadership roles are also taking advantage of the opportunities Sigma Kappa provides for personal growth.  An example of this is women participating in intramural sports that they have never played before and coming together to form teams.  Another example of this is women stepping out of their comfort zones to participate in campus-wide events.

Aside from my own perspective, I wanted to ask some of the Lambda Iota members how they have seen themselves grow during their first semester in Sigma Kappa.  Here are some of their responses:

“I have gone way out of my comfort zone this semester by becoming a founding member and have made more friends than I ever could have imagined. We all come from different backgrounds and it has helped me learn more about who I am as well.”

“I have been inspired to step up and seize more leadership opportunities and have benefited emotionally from having such a large support system.”

“Joining Sigma Kappa helped me realize the importance of time management in order to balance new responsibilities and extracurricular activities. It has definitely been worth it.”

“I have never held a leadership position before Sigma Kappa and I never thought I would, but I knew I could do it with the support of my sisters.”

“Sigma Kappa has allowed me to take personal risks and overcome challenges, and if I don’t succeed the first try, I know I have amazing women behind me to cheer me on for round two!”

“I have realized that leadership is for everyone, including myself. I was never the smart one in school but you do not need good grades to have a leadership position or to be a leader.  I have encouraged myself to be more active on my campus and to do as much as I can to be involved because you cannot go back in life. Also, I have become more focused on my school work and to be more successful because my sisters see the potential I have. I have gained a forever family.”

These are just some of the many positive and reassuring thoughts from the members of this newly founded chapter.  So many women expressed their growth and how their sorority experience has already begun to help them become stronger women and shape their lives.  There is no perfect way for everyone to achieve personal growth.  Everyone has different needs and comfort zones.  Not everyone’s journey and growth in Sigma Kappa will be the same.  As sisters, the best thing we can do for each other and for our sorority is to challenge one another to leave our own chapters, our fellow members, and ourselves, better than when we joined the Sigma Kappa.

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