Passing Notes at Kappa Mu

Michelle Garber

The Kappa Mu chapter at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh eats lunch and dinner in the dining hall together almost every day. As we walked through the many tables I wondered how they found each other in the sea of college students (over 1,000 students live in the dorm where the Sigma Kappa sisters have a wing). Then they showed me their bolster. The fraternities and sororities at Duquesne each have a large block that they decorate and place on a table in the dining hall. These bolsters currently serve as a visibility tool for the chapters and a point of pride for each one. When I got the chance to ask the Fraternity/Sorority Advisor about the history behind them she told me that the bolsters actually open! They were used to distribute chapter meeting minutes and pass notes between sisters before we had email and text messaging. I had a great time working toward recruitment with the ladies of Kappa Mu and I really enjoyed stumbling on this piece of our community’s history.

Hoping you are in a warmer place than I am!

<3 Michelle

Sigma Kappa table and bolster Delta Zeta bolster Delta Chi bolster

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