Home Away From Home for the Holidays

Family traditions are normally most prevalent during the holiday season. I loved many of my family’s traditions during Christmas, to be more specific. As we grow older and the family dynamic starts to change, we start seeing old traditions die and new ones form.

My Christmas used to be spent at my grandparents’ house starting on Christmas Eve where we would all gather around the dining room table for dinner, which was always seafood gumbo. Then we would all go to the Christmas Eve service at church and come home to drink hot chocolate while my Pop read the Cajun Night Before Christmas. We would go to bed and wake up to see what Santa had left in our stockings and around the tree.

A lot has changed in my family since the last time I remember my Christmas being like that. My grandparents are both in a better place, my sister and nieces now live in Florida, and my brother spends Christmas in Haiti.

It’s been three Christmases since my last one like I described above. The first one was spent at my parents’ house. The second was spent in Williamsburg, VA with my paternal grandmother. This past Christmas was spent at home with my grandmother while my brother was in Haiti and my parents were in Florida with my sister and her family. Things change, people move, and new traditions are created.

Now my family has a Thanksgiving rule. We all have to be together for Thanksgiving and then we go wherever we want for Christmas. So my new tradition is to spend Christmas with my grandmother. We both love to travel so we will most likely do a Christmas trip since we loved our time in Williamsburg. This year we couldn’t book anything that late so we took a trip the day after Thanksgiving to St. Augustine. It worked out really well because my brother had not left for Haiti yet so he went on the trip with us.

Losing traditions can be sad, especially when they have been all you have known for your entire life, but creating new traditions can be really fun! Especially when you are making new ones with people that you really love during the holiday season.

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